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COVID-19 update

Message from the Executive Committe to our members.

Dear members,

We hope you are safe and healthy in these uncertain and ominous times. The coronavirus disease (COVID-19) outbreak has become a worldwide health crisis and governments across the globe struggle to contain the pandemic. Their hope is to limit the number of new infections, while treating those individuals suffering from COVID-19 and isolating others whose symptoms are not as severe but who might spread the disease. It is strongly advised to:

  • Find local information
  • Know the signs & symptoms
  • Take steps for those at higher risks
  • Protect yourself and your family
  • Create a household plan
  • Stay informed about emergency plans

The World Health Organization informs through the following link:

Governments of different countries are announcing restrictions and guidelines with regard to the funeral industry. Wherever possible, we ask you to share (local) recommendations and actions taken in order to inform and help each other. Please send your input to the ICF office and allow us to share the news with all our members worldwide. Thank you.

We wish you well in coping with the challenging circumstances.

All the best, on behalf of the Executive Committee

Latest international statistics - Pharos

Pharos International published international statistics in their latest statistics issue, published mid-2020. 

Please click here for a survey of international statistics for 2019.