Become a member

Members of the Federation have the opportunity to contribute to the cremation movement at the highest world level. We are able to make a material contribution to the valuable work of the Nations and are able to send our members as official representatives to the UN headquarters in New York, and UN offices in Vienna and Geneva. In addition we can appoint members to the five regional economic commissions for Africa, Europe, Latin America and the Caribbean Region, Western Asia, and Asia and the Pacific.

As a member of the Federation you will be entitled to the following:

To become a member of the Federation please complete and return the enclosed application form. Please note that it is a condition of membership that where applicable members must adhere to the Code of Ethics.

Not only owners of crematoria, but also suppliers of equipment and services to the cremation movement have the opportunity to apply for associate membership and to benefit from the services of the ICF and the exchange of knowledge and information.

Organisations not conducted for profit will be granted the status of an “Ordinary Member” and as such will have the right to vote at all General Council Meetings. Applicants who do not fulfil this requirement will be granted the status of an “Associate Member” and as such will not have any right to vote when attending General Council Meetings.

We invite you to apply for membership of the Federation by completing and returning the application form. When we have received your application, we will send you additional information about the annual membership supscription and more.